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Event highlights at a glance

Easter rabbits at the Schatzberg Wildschönau
Easter Egg Hunt on the Schatzberg Mountain

Easter Egg Hunt on the Schatzberg Mountain 04. April 2015

Race academy ski program

Günther Gerhard Racing Camps present Ladies Days every Wednesday

Spring in the high valley of Wildschönau
The mountains are calling!

Summer Opening from 14. May - 17. May 2015

Bauernladl korb
Farmer’s Market

Local farm produce and specialities. Folk music.

Farm museum zBach Wildschönau
Craft Fare in the Z'Bach Farming Museum

Craft Fare every Thursday

Summer solstice on the Markbachjoch

Summer solstice festival and beacon on the Markbachjoch. 20. June from 6 pm

Musik und Kultur
Übers Joch ummi schaun

Brass ensembles play on the top of the Schatzberg Mountain 21.06. from 11 am

Brass Band Concerts

Brass Band Concerts in Oberau, Niederau, Mühtal and Auffach

Wildschönau Valley Festival

The annual highlight of the festival season. 6. - 9. August 2015

Schatzberg March

Summer Night's Festival and Walking Day 22./22. August

7th Tyrolean Dance Music Festival

Dance Music Festival. 30. August 2015

Almabtrieb Wildschönau

Wildschönau Almabtrieb Festival on 19. September in Auffach from 10am

Krautinger Wildschoenau
Museum Fare

Museum Fare in the Krautinger Week Sunday 4. Oct. from 1 pm

Wildschönau Krautinger Week

Wildschönau Krautinger Week from 2.-10. October 2015

Alpine Advent

Traditional Advent Market on 28. & 29. November and 5. & 6. December 2014

Ski Opening - Party Time

Opening Parties around the Schatzberg from 11. - 13. December.

New Years Fireworks Display

Grand Fireworks Display - a highlight on 1st January 2016

Schiesshüttlarena Oberau Wildschönau
Schiesshüttl-Gascha - Open Air Folk Music Festival

Charity Snow Festival 28. January 2016

Lions Club Snow Party

Snow party on the Schatzberg Mountainrg, 12. March 2016