Wildschönau Krautinger Week

Events and culinary highlights in the Krautinger Week

"Musical and culinary highlights" during the Wildschönau Krautinger Week from 30.09. - 09.10.2016

Highlights of the Krautinger Week.

The famous Wildschönau Krautinger schnapps isn't just a cure-all. The beet used to make the schnapps is also a integral part of many regional culinary specialities. The Krautinger Week at the beginning of October is a celebration of this well loved vegetable which has helped the region to its coveted 'Genuss Region' (Enjoyment Region) title. 

Church Fete and Harvest Festival, Sunday 4th October


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The Festival week starts with a church service and Harvest Festival Procession in Oberau. The Z'Bach Farming Museum then becomes a market place for local produce and handicrafts displayed to a background of lively folk and brass music. Start is at 1 pm.

Beet specialities in restaurants throughout the valley

Gasthof Weissbacher

Beet specialities in restaurants throughout the valley

Throughout the Krautinger Week local specialities involving the white beet used to make the famous schnapps are served in restaurants throughout the valley. Beet soup or beet dumplings, beet salads or even beet strudel are all to be found on menus in the Krautinger Week.

Guided tours of the schnapps distilleries are organised in the Krautinger Week. The week is rounded off with concerts and various events such as guided walks, and farmer's markets.

Krautinger Festival - 9th October

By Decree of Empress Maria Theresia, 51 Wildschönau farmers were give exclusive distillery rights. This rarity is distilled exclusively in the Wildschönau Valley. 15 farmer's continue the tradition to this day.

The highlight of the week is the crowning of the year's best Krautinger schnapps at the Krautinger Festival. An esteemed jury of experts and VIPs choose the finest drop.

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Krautinger und Schmankerl
Krautinger und Schmankerl

Eindrücke vom Krautingerball 2012