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The Highlight is the Drachenflitzer Alpine Coaster
the wildschönau introduces the new drachenflitzer Alpine Coaster in the Drachental family park

The Highlight is the Drachenflitzer Alpine Coaster

The Alpine Coaster is a spectacular attraction in the Drachental Family Park.

The new spectacular Alpine Coaster

The new "Drachenflitzer" coaster in the Drachental Family Park in Oberau - Wildschönau is one of the most spectacular of its kind.
The 45 red, yellow and blue sledges are in the starting blocks for the thrilling trip downhill.

This is how it works:

From the very top, the 1,355-meter-long slope descends in no time at all. Three high, spectacular loops (up to 25 meters high), numerous curves and bridges are navigated along the way.
The  sledges of the second generation Alpine Coaster are equipped with wider, solid plastic backrests and are longer than those of the previous model.
The deeper seat shell also ensures an optimal sitting position. The new distance control has been completely revised and ensures maximum possible technical safety for passengers. The whole system works almost without wear and tear and independent of the weather.

Thrills guaranteed!





Alpine Coaster Prices

Adult single Coaster € 9
Youth single Coaster (8 till 14 yrs) € 7
Child single Coaster (3 to 7 yrs) € 5

Adult four runs € 33
Youth four runs (8 till 14 yrs) € 26
Child four runs (3 to 7 yrs) €18

Photo Coaster € 4
Cinema    € 4


The ideal gift. Vouchers for the Drachental Family Park available at the ticket office.

Vouchers for the Drachental Family Park are available at the ticket office.
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