Krautinger Week

Krautingerrübe Krautinger Wildschönau AMTirol | © AMTirol

The famous Wildschönau Krautinger schnapps isn't just a cure-all, to be found in most local medicine cabinets. The beet used to make the schnapps is also a integral part of many regional culinary specialities. The Krautinger Week in September is a celebration of this well loved vegetable which has helped the region to its coveted 'Genuss Region' (Enjoyment Region) title. A colourful program of events is held all week including musical evenings and beet dishes on offer on menus throughout the region. The year's best schnapps will be chosen at the Church Fete.

Date & time
Wed., 27/09/2023 Starts at: 20:00 O'clock
Thu., 28/09/2023 Starts at: 13:00 O'clock
Fri., 29/09/2023 Starts at: 20:00 O'clock
Sat., 30/09/2023 Starts at: 13:00 O'clock
Sun., 01/10/2023 Starts at: 13:00 O'clock
Bergbauernmuseum z'Bach
Bach, Oberau 3
6311 Wildschönau