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The latest news from the Drachental Family Park | Wildschönau Tourism
Construction is progressing

The latest news from the Drachental Family Park

The 5 million Euro project is almost finished! Read more about the progress report here...

Bike trail & pump track

The bike trail and the pump track with its own practise trails is ready to open at the beginning of December.

The first three practise trails can be conquered from spring 2021. Kids will love the challenge of the three stages. Beginners haven't been forgotten either. Safety courses are an important part of the offer and can be booked locally.

The conveyer lift transports bikers quickly and easily to the start.

The Dragon Coaster has had a thorough test run

The brand new "Drachenflitzer" Alpine Coaster in the Wildschönau was tested for 2 whole days and declared ready to go.  45 red, yellow or blue sledges await the first winter guests. The Wiegand Lifter transports the passengers in their sledges quickly and easily uphill for 625 metres partially 5 metres above the ground before they set off on the 1355 metre long track back down to the village, taking in three spectacular loops, curves and bridges on the way. 

The new generation of sledges are equipped with wide backrests and are longer and wider than the previous models. The seats are deeper, providing  the optimal sitting position. The automatic distance control has been completely modernised, giving the coaster the maximum possible safety technology. The whole system runs wear-free and weather independent.

Thrills are guaranteed because according to the manufactureres, Wiegand the Drachenflitzer is one of the most spectacular on the market.
The official opening date is in December 2020, when in addition to the Drachenflitzer, the ice rink and 4D cinema will be opening for business. The attractions are all an upgrade to the popular Schiesshüttl family ski slope, which is of course open for skiing too. 

Dragon Valley Family Park Topping-out ceremony on 31.07.

The building works on the new Dragon Valley Family Park in the Wildschönau are coming on in leaps and bounds.
The Coaster, the play lake, the vulcano and the ice rink are now easily recognisable. The topping-out ceremony for the restaurant took place recently. The Dragon Restaurant seats 65 inside with a further 150 seats on the terrace and is the central point of the park.
The Coaster and ice rink will be opening in the winter so that the restaurant's new managers will be able to welcome many winter guests in the park and on the Schiesshüttl ski slope.
In spring 2021 the play lake, the motoric park, fun court and bag jump will all be opening their doors. Young downhill bikers have 2 tracks plus a pump track.
Michael Unger, manager of the park and Hannes Eder the Wildschönau's mayor are looking forward to the massive enhancement of the Wildschönau's leisure activities for both local people and tourists. Local schools can use the park for their PE classes too.

Site visits

The Wildschönau Council and the Tourist Board invites local people to an inspection of the Drachtental Family Park site

Mayor Hannes Eder and TVB chairman Michael Unger invited members of the council and the supervisory board to visit the construction site. All participants were able to find out important details and background information.
At the same time it was decided to offer the local people the opportunity to get an idea of ​​the project directly on site. All questions were answered.
Two interesting site tours have already taken place. Information about further dates will follow.


Construction is progressing

Favoured by the recent beautiful weather, the construction work on the Wildschönau Drachental Family Park is progressing quickly. The 3000 square metre parking lot and the necessary access roads are currently under construction. 150 parking spaces will be provided in ​​the family park. During the course of the excavation work, the council took the opportunity to exchange the 60-year-old water mains to Niederau.
One of the attractions is already taking form; the Volcano has been built with large pipes for kids to crawl through and and old fashioned funnel phones so that they can talk to each other while inside.
On 27. April work began on the huge 1000m2 seepage shaft so that all the surface water can be drained.
Michael Unger is very happy with the developments.

Start of construction 1. April 2020

After years of planning, on April 1 (no kidding) it was time for  “groundbreaking” on the 5 million expensive project “Wildschönau Drachental Family Park”.

With the amusement park, the tourism board hopes to create a fantastic park for local families and guest families in cooperation with the valley council and private investors.

The first construction steps include parking spaces and building of the necessary general infrastructure.

Opening is planned for 2021!