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The project - how it all began | Wildschönau Tourism
Wildschönau Drachental Family park

The project - how it all began

A massive project with numerous features - an absolute hit for families and guests in the region.

The project

The Wildschönau is a popular holiday destination for families. Through a new amusement park the region wants to create an additional, attractive and contemporary offer for guests and locals alike. Initially a total of 5 miliion euros was invested but the sky's the limit as far are this project is concerned. The park's mascot and namesake is the legendary Wildschönau dragon. In the popular Schießhüttel arena in the center of Oberau a beautiful, year-round attraction has been created for all the family.


Investment possibilities

For interested parties there is still the opportunity to invest in this super project. Projected profits between 2 and 5 % are expected. Minimum investement € 4.000.

Contact for more information: Herrn Michael Unger

Erlebnis Projekt GmbH & Co KG. Kirchen, Oberau 534. A-6311 Wildschönau

info@drachental.ator by phone Wildschönau Tourist Board +43 5339 8255