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The Dragon Coaster has had a thorough test run

The Drachental Family Park is taking shape

The brand new "Drachenflitzer" Alpine Coaster in the Wildschönau was tested for 2 whole days and declared ready to go.  45 red, yellow or blue sledges await the first winter guests. The Wiegand Lifter transports the passengers in their sledges quickly and easily uphill for 625 metres partially 5 metres above the ground before they set off on the 1355 metre long track back down to the village, taking in three spectacular loops, curves and bridges on the way.

The new generation of sledges are equipped with wide backrests and are longer and wider than the previous models. The seats are deeper, providing  the optimal sitting position. The automatic distance control has been completely modernised, giving the coaster the maximum possible safety technology. The whole system runs wear-free and weather independent.

Thrills are guaranteed because according to the manufactureres, Wiegand the Drachenflitzer is one of the most spectacular on the market.
The official opening date is in December 2020, when in addition to the Drachenflitzer, the ice rink and 4D cinema will be opening for business. The attractions are all an upgrade to the popular Schiesshüttl family ski slope, which is of course open for skiing too.