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The Kundl Gorge

The Kundl Gorge is known as one of the most lovely natural ravines in Austria. It is the shortest route out of the Wildschönau Valley to Kundl in the Inn Valley.

The beautiful Kundl Gorge in the Wildschönau

Open until 15. November.

The Kundl Gorge is one of the loveliest natural ravines in the whole of Austria. It forms the shortest route out into the Inn Valley to the little town of Kundl. The Wildschönau River flows through it into the Inn.

According to local legend the Gorge was formed when a terrible dragon bit through the cliffs. The Wildschönau Valley was once a great lake and the fearful reptile lived in it terrifying the local population. A peasant slew the dragon and in its death throws it bit through the mountains, the lake drained away and the fertile valley came into being.

A road was bulit through the gorge through soaring the cliffs. Today walkers find ample stops to admire the breathtaking scenery and children find quiet pools to play in. 

The walk through the gorge is possible from both sides. In the Wildschönau you start in Mühltal, either on foot or with help of a little train.

The river is your constant companion through the gorge and forms rapids and white water in places. The path is wide and fairly flat and leads through impressive tunnels, over bridges and past high cliffs - the perfect photo opportunity! The path is suitable for buggies, prams or wheelchairs.

•    The Wildschönau Bummelzug (little train) runs daily in summer from 10 am to 4 pm every hour on the hour and on the half hour return.
•   Make a stop at the Gasthof Thalmühle, Hotel Schweizerhof, Jausenstation Waidmannsruh, Hotel Bergkristall in Mühltal or Gasthof Kundler Klamm