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The latest news from the Drachental Family Partk

News about the long-awaited opening of the Drachenflitzer, the new restaurant and the popular skating rink.

The brand new Drachen Flitzer in the Drachental Family Park in Oberau Wildschönau, one of the most spectacular coasters of its kind in existence has been unable to open for business due to the Covid epidemic. Manager and Tourist Board CEO Michael Unger hopes that the spectacular coaster will be able to open after the end of the latest lockdown. "It's a great shame that we haven't been allowed to open as planned, we are all ready to go with a safety concept and security measures that guarantee a safe start.

Unger is happy about the popularity of the new ice skating rink, which has become a great meeting place for old and young, both local and from further afield. Meanwhile construction continues in the Drachental park.

The new restaurant is in the final stages and in Februar a 10 metre high dragon will be erected. The tower for the Bagjump and the motoric park are next. Opening is planned for May with an opening celebration.

Even if the start has been a little bumpy due to COVID it is easy to see that the Drachental Family Park is an important asset, which without doubt adds to the attraction of the lovely Wildschönau Valley.

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