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The Wildschönau's Drachental Family Park

Visit the Drachental Family Park in Oberau Open until 7. November 2021 Mo & Tues. 18 & 19. October closed.

The main attraction is the "Drachenflitzer", an Alpine Coaster with a total length of 2.2 km. This alpine ride is the most modern of its kind and is not only one of the most exciting, but also one of the safest coasters in the world built to the very latest standards. Kids and adults are offered a unique attraction, found nowhere else in this form.
The Alpine Coaster is still closed at the moment.

In the first 5D cinema in Tirol, short action films are shown, so simply “buckle up” and prepare for the thrills!

Three mountain bike trails with different levels of difficulty and a pump track have been built for kids and teens. There is also a go-kart track and a tubing track. Two conveyor belts take visitors uphill. A motor skills course is intended to encourage children and young people to playfully train their motoric skills. A diving tower with jump heights of 2m, 3m and 5m onto a 120m² bag jump and a trampoline facility promise lots of sports activities with a high fun factor.

A 600 m² fun court offers space for various ball games. Football, basketball or volleyball are all possible. A curling lane is installed parallel to the fun court, a sport that is very popular. Another offer for the kids is a 10m high dragon divided into 3 floors with a slide, marble runs, climbing nets and play areas. The Drachenberg offers a lot of fun with its branching caves and funnel telephones.

An almost natural play lake with a rope-guided raft and 4 freely movable wooden rafts, its own play island and a relaxation zone complete the wide range of attractions.

In the heart of the family adventure Drachental Wildschönau there is also an excellent restaurant. The "Grisu" offers a variety of food and drinks, has space for 70 guests indoors and a large terrace for approx. 180 people, from which you have an excellent view of everything that's going on.