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Wildschönau's new amusement park is under construction!

Construction is coming on in leaps and bounds in May!

Favoured by the recent beautiful weather, the construction work on the Wildschönau Drachental Family Park is progressing quickly. The 3000 square metre parking lot and the necessary access roads are currently under construction. 150 parking spaces will be provided in ​​the family park. During the course of the excavation work, the council took the opportunity to exchange the 60-year-old water mains to Niederau.
One of the attractions is already taking form; the Volcano has been built with large pipes for kids to crawl through and and old fashioned funnel phones so that they can talk to each other while inside.
On 27. April work began on the huge 1000m2 seepage shaft so that all the surface water can be drained.
Michael Unger is very happy with the developments.

Watch the current video here ...