Your family pet is welcome in the Wildschönau | Wildschönau Tourism
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Your family pet is welcome in the Wildschönau | Wildschönau Tourism
Holidaying with pets in the wildschönau

Your family pet is welcome in the Wildschönau

All you need to know about holidaying with your pet in the Wildschönau

Dogs are welcome in the Wildschönau. There are however a few rules that have to be observed.
The many walking paths can be used by guests and their pets as long as the valuable grazing on the pastures and meadows isn't soiled. Most of our paths lead through fields, alongside streams and up to high pastures, a paradise for 2 and 4-legged guests. A dip in a mountain pool or a rest stop at a mountain hut can be enjoyed by both man and dog.

Walking with dogs

Walking with your dog is essentially allowed throughout the valley. However, land owners do have the right to forbid dogs on their land. Please observe any signs and always use a baggy to gather dog excrement.
The same rules apply in winter. Please make sure that your dog does not soil the public paths and ski slopes. Dog excrement is poisonous for grazing cows and plastic baggies left in the snow only serve to anger land owners.

Suggested walks with dogs

Pretty spots to enjoy with your dog

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Dogs on the leash

Although there is enough room for your dog to run free along certain paths in the region, in buses, public buildings, shops and restaurants as well as near grazing pastures dogs must be on a lead (no longer than 2 metres). The ruling is valid for small dogs too. Dog owners who fail to observe this rule can be fined up to € 500.

In public transport

Dogs are allowed in buses, trains and on the cable cars with a muzzle and on a lead. Small dogs can be transported in a dog box for free.

dog waste bags

Dog waste bags must be carried at all times. These can be collected free of charge at the town hall, at the Tourist Office or at the dog toilet stations. We trust dog owners to remove dog waste from the paths and to dispose of it in the dog toilet stations. The fields and pastures must remain free of excrement as this is poisonous for grazing cows.

In hunting districts

In the spring when wild animals all have their young, dogs must be on a lead whilst in the forests. A dog's hunting instinct can often overcome it and turn even the friendliest dog into a poacher.

Check list for dogs - What you need for a holiday with your dog

►EU-Pet passport and international vaccination certificate
►Number of your liability insurance
►Leash, muzzle
►Sleeping blanket, toys, brush
►Dog food, snacks, water and feeding bowl, spoon
►Sufficient water for the journey
►Possible dog shoes for long tours
►First aid kit, tick tweezers, bandages.