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Wildschönau Tourist Board Team | Wildschönau Tourism
Information office staff

Wildschönau Tourist Board Team

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Michael Mairhofer, Manager
Tel. +43 5339 8255-13
Email: m.mairhofer@wildschoenau.com

Maria Hechenberger, Registrations and accounting.
Tel: +43 5339 8255-11
Email: m.hechenberger@wildschoenau.com

Teresa Luchner, Customer service and partner support, events coordination.
Tel: +43 5339 8255-24
Email: t.luchner@wildschoenau.com

Christine Silberberger, website, marketing
Tel: +43 5339 8255-12
Email: c.silberberger@wildschoenau.com

Andrea Seisl, Customer service and trade fair coordiation.
Tel: +43 5339 8255-20
Email: a.seisl@wildschoenau.com

Nicola Thaler, Customer service, translations
Tel: +43 5339 8255-22
Email: n.thaler@wildschoenau.com

Marion Fankhauser, Customer service
Tel. +43 5339 8255-20
Email: m.fankhauser@wildschoenau.com

Our field staff
Matthias, Toni, Martin and Andi are our indispensible colleagues in the field.
They take care of the walking path network in summer and the cross country and walking paths in the winter.


Melanie Kopp, Registrations and accounting. (maternity leave)
Email: m.kopp@wildschoenau.com

In memory of

Thomas Lerch, Manager (+17.06.2021)


Route planner

Wildschönau Tourismus
Hauserweg, Oberau 337
6311 Wildschönau

Tel.: +43 5339 8255
Email: info@wildschoenau.com
Website: www.wildschoenau.com