Eine Alm ist kein Streichelzoo - Miteinander auf den Wildschönauer
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Eine Alm ist kein Streichelzoo - Miteinander auf den Wildschönauer
enjoying the Wildschönau's mountain pastures together

An alpine pasture is no petting zoo

Be careful when coming into contact with grazing animals. Visitors should be familiar with some basic behaviour patterns of grazing animals to avoid dangerous situations.

Herds of cows can be divided into three main categories

Herds with mother cows

These herds are made up of mother cows and their calves. Mother cows have a strong impulsive instinct to protect their young. If adult males (bulls) are among the herd, please be particularly careful.

Herds of young cows
Young cows are high spirited, very active and curious. They are not generally aggressive, but their boisterous nature can lead to uncontrolled movements.

Dairy herds
Dairy cows are milked every day and therefore used to close contact with humans. Nevertheless, they also want to be left alone to graze in peace and enjoy their summer in the mountains.

Our farmers make an important contribution to maintaining our country's natural landscape. As a visitor, we ask you to treat this landscape with respect and to adapt your behaviour.

The following ten rules indicate the correct way to act when crossing alpine meadows.

 1. Avoid contact with grazing animals. Do not feed them and keep a safe distance.

 2. Stay calm and quiet - Do not startle grazing animals.

 3. Mother cows instinctively protect their young. Therefore, keep dogs away from mother cows at all times.

 4. Always keep dogs under control and on a short leash. If you think you are going to be attacked by a grazing animal,  let go of the leash immediately.

 5. When crossing alpine pastures, always stay on the path.

 6. If you find your route is blocked by grazing animals, walk around them leaving as much space as possible.

 7. If grazing animals approach, stay calm. Do not turn your back on them and move out of the way of the animals.

 8. Leave the pasture quickly as soon as you see early signs that the grazing animals are becoming nervous or restless.

 9. Do not climb over fences. If there is a gate, use it. Make sure you then close it properly behind you and cross the pasture quickly.

 10. Treat workers, nature and animals with respect.