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Digital walking badge | Wildschönau Tourism
walk in the Wildschönau and collect digital Points

Digital walking badge

Collect points for your walking badge on your smart phone.

And here's how it works...

In the APP Store or in GOOGLE PLAY search for SummitLynx, installieren and start the App. Or log in on facebook.
Or easily set up a SummitLynx account.

In the menu under "Wandernadel" you will find a list of the destinations and their points. See where you have been and how many points you have collected, and how many you still need for your gold, silver or bronze badge!

Just set off...

As soon as you have reached your destination the app will automatically start. Click on the round symbol to activate your post. Take a photo and write a short comment, save. Your post is online.
You can edit your post anytime on

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Gold, silver and bronze walking badges

Collect points for the following walking destinations:

Niederau: Hoher Stein (3 points), Möslalm kogel (6 points), Rosskopf (6 points)

Oberau: Kragenjoch (6 points), Feldalphorn (8 points)

Auffach: Schatzberg (5 points), Joelspitze (6 points), Schwaigberghorn (8 points), Breiteggern (8 points), Lämpersberg (10 points), Sonnjoch (10 points), Grosser Beil (10 points)

Thierbach: Gratlspitz (8 points)

For the bronze badge you need 30 points, silver 50 points and 70 points for gold.

For the Adventure Badge kids need a minimum of 3 destinations.