Holzweg - Wood Path | Wildschönau Tourism
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Holzweg - Wood Path

Discover fascinating facts all about wood.
  • Hiking
  • easy
  • 0.9 km
  • 0.5 h

Discover fascinating facts all about wood and the timber industry. The start of the Wood path is behind the Wood Museum in Auffach.

The stations on the Wood Path:
Station 1: Wildschönau River
Station 2: Nesting box
Station 3: Bee hive
Station 4: Traditional wooden fencing
Station 5: Lumberjack hut
Station 6: Cliffs and tree roots
Station 7: The sound of different trees
Station 8: The mill
Station 9: Viewpoint and resting place
Station 10: The scents
Station 11: Oats and Barley mill
Station 12: The Holzer stream home to the dipper
Station 13: The shady horse chestnut tree

  • Round trip
  • Suitable for prams
  • Valley start
Starting point Holzmuseum Auffach
End Holzmuseum Auffach