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Song: "s'Letzte Blattl" (The last leaf) | Wildschönau Tourism
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Song: "s'Letzte Blattl" (The last leaf)

The Linden Tree was planted in 1908 in the centre of Oberau in celebration of the 60th Jubilee of Emperor Franz Josef I. In 1977 Gottfried Thaler, a gifted artist from Dreizehnlinden in Brasil (the name means thirteen linden trees) carved a life-sized Christ for the Dreizehnlinden cross. The initiative to found the Dreizehnlinden Settlement in Brasil started in the Wildschönau Valley in the 1930s and the cross symbolises the connection between the emigrants and their old homeland


The linden tree has always been a symbolic tree and is often the subject of songs and verse. The OBERAU MALE VOICE CHOIR was founded in 1966 and is primarily dedicated to the care of local songs and customs.