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Song: Almwasserl (Alm Water) | Wildschönau Tourism
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Song: Almwasserl (Alm Water)

Life on the Alm is sung about in countless folk songs. Despite all the work and hardship, it was a special time for the rural population. A zither hung in many alpine huts and people liked to sing in the evenings and even dance on special occasions. The cry of the alpine pastures and original yodeling - not to be confused with larynx acrobatics practiced today - served not only to call the animals, but also to communicate with the neighbours on the next mountainside.

The alpine alm summer begins with the cattle drive to the high pastures, but it is the fantastic homecoming festivals in autumn that draw spectators in their thousands. The songs are about the joy of a free life on the alpine pasture in the heart of the mountains, breathing the pure air and drinking clear water, but not least about young love.