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Song: Bin a lustiger Bua (I'm a funny lad) | Wildschönau Tourism
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Song: Bin a lustiger Bua (I'm a funny lad)

The Wildschönauers were once known for their musicality but also for their brawling. Hardly a wedding or party went by without fists flying. Nowadays strong young men measure their strengths in Ranggeln according to special rules of alpine wrestling. The best ranggler, but also the undefeated brawler in the village, have always been referred to as Hogmoar - a dashing fellow who was recognized by the cock's feather in his hat.

It is conceivable that he jumped over the fence instead of using the gate or Gatterl. The Gatterl had and still has two functions - as part of the fence e.g. to mark pasture areas but also as access between properties.