The Wildschönau holiday region in Tirol | Wildschönau Tourism
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The Wildschönau holiday region in Tirol | Wildschönau Tourism
"Griaß di" in the Wildschönau Valley

The Wildschönau holiday region in Tirol

The name Wildschönau means "wild and beautiful" and couldn’t be more fitting for this traditional and quaint high valley in the heart of Tirol. 260 working farms, the remote location and above all the hospitality of the local people makes the Wildschönau a very special place.

Strung along the high valley in the Kitzbühel Alps are four independent villages, Niederau, Oberau, Auffach and Thierbach.
Every one of the villages has it’s own charm. Thierbach is particularly idyllic.

Don’t be surprised when you are greeted on the streets. Every passerby  is greeted with a friendly "Griass di“ - even strangers.

Hospitality is one of the best characteristics of the local people along with their sense of tradition and pride in their beautiful home. In this pastoral valley there are 260 working farms.
Traditional costume is worn with pride at festivals and processions. Clubs and societies play a large part in local life. One of these is reminiscent of the Tirolean Freedom Fighters of Andreas Hofer known as the Sturmlöda – the Storm Troopers. A rarity is the Krautinger beet schnapps.

With it’s well-developed infrastructure, many leisure activities and welcoming hotels, the Wildschönau is a unique place and a perfect holiday destination.