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Schnapps Specialties | Wildschönau Tourism
TiroleAn Schnapps from the Wildschönau

Schnapps Specialties

In the Wildschönau there is not only the famous Krautinger Beet schnapps. Fine liqueurs are distilled using only the best local ingredients.

Fruit schnapps and delicious liqueurs made from raspberries, elderflowers, blueberries and many other fruits are the perfect digestif after a delicious meal.
Local distillers know that high quality schnapps can only be made from high quality ingredients . On the Zwecklhof Farm high above Oberau, Sigi specialises in unusual flavours such as sloe, rowanberry and pear heart.

Farm Shop

All schnapps specialties and a wide range of local farm produce can be bought in the Bauernladl Wildschönau in the centre of Oberau.