Wastlhof Riding Stables in Niederau - Wildschönau
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Wastlhof Riding Stables

The Hotel Wastlhof is heaven on earth for horse lovers


Wildschönauerstraße, Niederau 206
6314 Wildschönau
Tel.: +43 5339 8247
Email: info@hotelwastlhof.at
Website: Hotel Wastlhof

Our stables are home to 15 warm blood horses and 3 ponies

Children unter 7 love our Wastlhof ponies. A short tour with Mum & Dad is super for small children

Our riding offer:

  • professional lessons by qualified riding instructors for children and adults.
  • Courses from 7 years of age to Class L in dressage.
  • Course content includes theory, grooming, the correct seat at walking pace, trotting, and galloping, cavaletti work, jumping, longer rides with guide through the Wildschönau's winter countryside.

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