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The Gasthof Sollererwirt is rich in history

Gasthof Sollererwirt
HNr. 19
6311 Thierbach - Wildschönau
Tel.: +43 5339 8913
Email: moser@sollererwirt.at
Website: Sollererwirt

The public room of the Gasthof Sollererwirt are steeped in history. The Speckbacher-Stube is named after Major Josef Speckbacher,
officer in the Tirolean Freedom Fighter regiment around Andreas Hofer.
In an historic decree composed in this very room, he called the local men to arms to fight against Napolean's allies the hated Bavarian troops who were threatening to invade Tirol.
Armed with only farm tools, picks and pitchforks they followed his call and fought in three decisive battles.

The room in the Sollererwirt has been kept in the original state since 1809. 

Thierbach is idyllic and consists of just the church, a few farms, the tiny school and the Gasthof Sollererwirt.

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