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Tirolean Alpine Advent in the Wildschönau | Wildschönau Tourism
Traditional Advent time in Tirol

Tirolean Alpine Advent in the Wildschönau

Silent Night and White Christmas. The Wildschönau Advent Market is long on Tirolean tradition and short on commercialism. Postponed to 2021.


The Wildschönau Alpine Advent is one of the most traditional Christmas markets in the whole of Tirol.

Far from the bustle of the pre-Christmas shopping streets, the Wildschönau Alpine Advent takes place in the heart of the Kitzbühel Alps in the beautiful Z’Bach Farming Museum, a 200 year old farmhouse which is festively decorated for the occasion.

Music program and local food

The pupils of the local music high school and the local brass bands provide the music and entertainment program. The "Anklöpfler"

Delicious local food is served from the museum’s ancient kitchen and Christmas decorations and wreaths are on sale for a good cause.

Kid’s can make their own decorations and write a message to Santa or the Christ Kind.

The Anklöpfler from Wildschönau

An ancient tradition in the Lower Inn Valley is nativity singing performed by the „Anklöpfler“, a group of singers dressed as shepherds go from house to house on three Thursdays in Advent.

They act out the nativity and through the old nativity songs spread the word of Christ’s birth in Bethlehem. This tradition has been handed down from generation to generation.

Ein stillerer Advent