Ski Schools for children Wildschönau | Wildschönau Tourism
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Ski Schools for children Wildschönau | Wildschönau Tourism
Ski course for children in the Ski Juwel Alpbachtal Wildschönau

Ski Schools for children Wildschönau

Children’s lifts and easy runs make the Wildschönau a perfect place for children to learn to ski. Special children’s courses are offered by all of the region’s ski schools.

The first attempts at skiing should be professionally supervised. Local ski teachers are trained to make learning fun and seemingly effortless.
Parents can watch their kid’s progress nearby as the practice slopes are almost all in the village centres.

BOBO’s Kinderland – 1. Wildschönau Ski School in Niederau
Little guest of 2 and over are well taken care of in Bobo’s Kinderclub. In the area next tot he Stenzer lift are a magic carpet, a carusel and cartoon figures. The ski race is for beginners and advanced alike and is the highlight of the week.

AKTI’s Adventure Land – Active Ski School in Niederau
A skiing adventure takes place in AKTI’s Adventure Land. AKTI the dragon waits on the magic carpet and in the cool clubhaus. The program includes a Harry Potter Day, a pirate day  and a kid’s ski show as well as the race at the end of the course.The AKTI-Bambini course is for children between 3 and 5.

Happy Kinderland in Auffach
The ideal location is the top of the Schatzberg mountain in Auffach.
The Kiddie's Land is now located at the gondola station of the Schatzberg cable car.

Wildschönau Hochtal  Ski School in Auffach
The mascot is the Schatzberg dwarf. Our kid’s club is called Zwergland after him and is located at the middle station of the lift, with a magic carpet and a carusel.
Bigger kids can take part in a ski adventure through the woods. A ski race takes place at the end of the course where every participant gets