Horse drawn sleighs Wildschönau | Wildschönau Tourism
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Horse drawn sleighs Wildschönau | Wildschönau Tourism
winter sleigh rides

Horse drawn sleighs Wildschönau

A sleigh isn’t the fastest means of transport with just 2 horse power but an unforgettable trip through the fairy tale winter countryside.

There’s nothing more romantic than being cuddled up in blankets on a horse drawn sleigh with the runners crunching through the freshly fallen snow.

Sleigh companies offer: Trips to the Schönanger Alm in Auffach by the Hintersalcherhof Farm and

The Penning sleigh company brings guests to Penning or to the Sonnberg in Niederau. Jausenstation Foisching takes guests to a pretty log cabin on the Bruggberg in Niederau
In Thierbach the Lehen Farm organises rides around the idyllic village