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Aschbach - Steinerhof - Adlerhorst

Snow shoe walk in Auffach
  • Sneeuwschoen- & winterwandelingen
  • medium
  • 6.4 km
  • 4 h
Start in Auffach towards Schönanger Alm and turn right at the "Haus am Wildbach" Hotel into the Aschbach Valley. Turn right again at the "Niederkaser" alm onto route nr. 44
Behind the farm building follow the route to the "Steinerhöfen" Farms. From there continue on the road to the chapel. Then turn right and return via the "Wirtsalm" through the woods to Auffach. Dropinto one of the restaurants or hotels in the village centre for refreshments.
  • Rondreis
  • Start in het dal
Uitgangspunt Haus am Wildbach Auffach
Eindpunt Auffach Schatzbergbahn