Markbachjoch-Horler Stiege-Halsgatterl-Markbachjoch
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Markbachjoch-Horler Stiege-Halsgatterl-Markbachjoch

  • Lopen
  • makkelijk
  • 8.2 km
  • 2 h
  • 271m
  • 271m

Take the gondola to the top of the Markbachjoch Mountain. From there take the easy path to the Holz Alm  (Cheese Alm) and then on to the tiny Horler Stiege Chapel. Take the path uphill over alpine pastures to the Halsgatterl and from there down again to the lovely Norderberg Alm (rest stop) and back to the gondola.

  • Rondreis
Hoogtemeter 1590m
Uitgangspunt Markbachjochbahn Niederau
Eindpunt Markbachjochbahn Niederau