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Freizeitpark Wildschönau Drachental in Tirol | Attraktionen & mehr
The Wildschönau’s new Drachental Family Park - All year round fun for the whole family

The Drachental Family Park in the Wildschönau

In the centre of Oberau / Wildschönau there is a very special attraction this winter. The Drachental Family Park offers fun for the whole family in summer and winter. The park gets it's name from the legendary Wildschönau dragon depicted on our coat of arms. The heart of the park is the Drachenflitzer, a modern Alpine coaster.

COVID Rules in the Drachen Park

Please adhere to all COVID Regulations

  •  In closed rooms masks are mandatory
  • No masks in queues or on the playgrounds
  • No proof of testing necessary
  • Please wash and disinfect your hands regularly
  • Parents are responsible for their own children
  • Please stay at home if you feel ill
  • Sneeze and cough into your elbow





Wildschönau Drachental Family Park

Drachental im Zentrum von Oberau
Kirchen, Oberau 534
6311 Wildschönau

Tel.: 0043 660 4363603