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Freizeitpark Wildschönau Drachental in Tirol | Attraktionen & mehr
The Wildschönau’s new Drachental Family Park - All year round fun for the whole family

The Drachental Family Park in the Wildschönau

In the centre of Oberau / Wildschönau there is a very special attraction this winter. The Drachental Family Park offers fun for the whole family in summer and winter. The park gets it's name from the legendary Wildschönau dragon depicted on our coat of arms. The heart of the park is the Drachenflitzer, a modern Alpine coaster.

The new Drachenflitzer Alpine Coaster in the Drachental Family Park in Oberau- Wildschönau is one of the most spectacular alpine coasters currently available.

45 red, yellow or blue sledges are ready to go. Passengers are comfortably transported up the approx. 625 m long track in a modern and safe sled, sometimes at heights of up to 5 meters.
From the very top the 1355-meter-long slope descends like a roller coaster. Three high, spectacular loops, numerous curves and bridges are circumnavigated. This model is the most modern, safest and most comfortable coaster currently available on the market. The second generation sledges are equipped with wider, solid plastic backrests and are generally longer and wider than those of the previous model. The deeper seat shell also ensures an optimal seating position for the guests.
The easy to use service brake works like a distance control on the basis of eddy currents and is therefore not subject to wear and tear. A significant advantage over other models on the world market.
The belt lock and the use of lightweight elements on the sled itseld further add to overall safety.
Despite all the assistance systems passengers are encouraged to actively participate in the driving process and to drive with foresight and consideration.
Excitement is guaranteed in any case!
Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 regulations, the start of the “Drachenflitzer” has had to be postponed. We will inform you as soon as we are allowed to go into operation.


Wildschönau Drachental Family Park

Kirchen, Oberau 534
6311 Wildschönau

Tel.: +43 660 4363603