DRAgon club IN the summer holidays

Kid's programme

Dragon Club

A varied children's programme full of interesting discoveries awaits little holidaymakers at the Wildschönau Dragon Club. Fun and games in the Dragon Valley or a treasure hunt in the heart of nature - new, exciting adventures are to be had every day. 
The kid's programme is included in the services of the Wildschönau Card.

Our Team

In summer, our trained child carers Alina, Sandra and Sebastian have organised a super programme for our smaller guests to take part in.  Every year a different mascot accompanies us, in summer 2024 "Elfi the Owl" will be joining us.

Kids programme                                                from July 8 until September 6, 2024

The Owl on the Kragenjoch

every Monday from July 08 until September 02, 2024

Monday brings a special occasion to the Dragon Club: The theme day on the Kragenjoch! With Elfi Owl, this year's mascot, we venture into the forest to play exciting games.

The story of Elfi the Owl has inspired us to stick together and be brave. Just like the courageous children in the “Star Forest”, today we will have great adventures together. Ready, steady, go! Today promises a day filled with fun and sporting activities!

We'll put our creativity to the test with different relay games; sack races, obstacle courses and various ball games - there's something for everyone and it’s not winning but taking part that matters!
Let's bring Elfi the Owl’s story to life and show that we can be just as brave and helpful as the children in the Star Forest. Let's make it an unforgettable day on the Kragenjoch Mountain!

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​​​​​​​Explore life on the farm with us

every Tuesday from July 09 until September 03, 2024

Don‘t forget your sense of adventure today because we're going to have an exciting day on the farm! In the morning we arrive at the Madlstatthof Farm and jump right in to the colourful hustle and bustle of farm life. We visit the majestic cows in the barn, stroke the cheeky goats and run after the nimble rabbits.

And that's just the beginning. After this thrilling start, we head off to the Hilltop Path, where "Fichtenliesl", one of our mascots is waiting for us in the enchanted forest. We have a day full of adventures planned, with fun in the forest, glitter tattoos and lots of games – boredom is just not a possibility!

But wait… we also have an important mission: Our Fichtenliesl has lost her friend and needs our help to look for him! With our detective skills and great teamwork, we'll be sure to find him!

Enjoy a day full of fun, nature, and adventure on the Madlstatthof Farm. Are you ready? Let's go and make some memories!

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Family Day on the Schönangeralm

every Wednesday from July 10 until September 04, 2024

Today, we invite the whole family to an unforgettable day at Schönangeralm! Together, we'll experience a variety of activities and have loads of fun. We kick off the day with enjoyable icebreaker games to ensure everyone feels welcome and comfortable. Then we embark on a stroll to the Gasthof Schönangeralm (approx. 20 minutes).

While the parents enjoy an interesting cheese-making tour and learn about traditional cheese production, the children play outside in the heart of beautiful nature and have a heap of new adventures.

After the informative and exciting programme, we meet up again for a shared lunch at the lovely alpine guesthouse. Here, we refuel and share our experiences. But the day isn't over yet! Fun games and activities await us on the riverbank.

A day full of shared experiences and adventures awaits us at the Schönangeralm. We look forward to spending this special day with you and creating unforgettable memories!

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A day in the forest at the Foisching deer park

every Thursday from July 11 until September 05, 2024

An eventful day in the forest awaits us at the Foisching deer park.
We start with exciting games in the forest and explore the surroundings around the deer park. Then we start to get creative and build cosy little houses for the forest animals.
After so much fun and activity, a little refreshment is just the thing! We treat ourselves to a delicious ice cream at the Foisching mountain restaurant and enjoy the idyllic location.
Get ready for an unforgettable day full of adventure, creativity and enjoyment in the forest!

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Treasure Hunt with Elfi the Owl

every Friday from July 12 until September 06, 2024

Today we set off on an exciting treasure hunt together with Elfie the Owl. Our journey takes us to the Schatzberg, the Treasure Mountain, which we reach by taking the Schatzberg cable car to the middle station.
After a lunch of tasty sausages and chips at the Koglmoos Inn, we head into the forest with high hopes of finding the hidden treasure!

Afterward, to make this day even more unforgettable, you are invited to take part in our "Wildlife Workshop”. Painting, cutting, wrapping, glueing and shaping: With just a few props and natural or recycled materials you can create
clever, funny and wonderful creations all about Elfi's friends, the forest animals.

Look forward to experiencing exciting adventures and developing your creative streak!

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Good to know

•    Bookings online under wildschoenau.com/shop

•    Meeting Point: The Drachenclub at 9:00 a.m. (Exception: Wednesday - Meeting at the pond approx. 1 km BEFORE the Gasthof Schönangeralm)

•    The Dragon Club is located next to the Tourist Office at the outdoor pool complex in Oberau.

•    The children's program is suitable for children aged 5 to 12 years.

•    Please bring: Good footwear, weather-appropriate clothing, rain jacket, hat, sunscreen, backpack with drinks and snacks as well as the Wildschönau Card. 

•    Participation is included with the Wildschönau Card. Charges apply for transfers, meals, or other extras.

•    Our supervisors speak German and English.

 The children's program takes place in all weather conditions. 

Even if the weather doesn't always cooperate, we still have great fun in the Dragon Club!
Our Club Room provides the perfect space for loads of fun even when it's raining outside.
We have everything we need to do handicrafts and play games.

So, no worries if its drizzly or stormy outside – the fun happens in the Wildschönau Dragon Club!

The children's program is subject to changes.