Picturesque oberau in the centre of the valley

Oberau Wildschönau

In the centre of the Wildschönau at 936 metres lies the picturesque village of Oberau.
The village is dominated by the striking 250-year-old baroque church, often called the 'Cathedral' because of its size. Always in view from here is the Schatzberg mountain in Auffach, whose ski slopes in winter and hiking trails in summer entice you to the mountain top.

Summer tips

The Z'Bach Mountain Farming Museum is housed in an ancient farmhouse and is exactly half way between the two villages of Niederau and Oberau. St Frances Path, a pleasant 2.5 km long walking path leads past it. Oberau is also home to the local tennis courts and the outdoor swimming pool. Popular hiking destinations from Oberau are the Kragenjoch and the Rosskopf mountains. Walks also lead via Roggenboden, the sunny balcony of the Wildschönau towards Auffach.

 Winter tips

The Schiesshüttl lifts in Oberau are ideal for children and beginners because of
the easy slopes. The central location is perfect for parents who want to watch
their little ones make their first skiing turns. The little Roggenboden ski area is located on the outskirts of Oberau. The larger areas of Schatzberg and Markbachjoch can be reached in just a few minutes!

And then there's Mühltal

The small hamlet of Mühltal belongs to Oberau and is the "gateway to the
Kundler Gorge", one of Austria's most beautiful natural gorges.
(Closed in winter)

The small village is also the starting point for an excursion or hike to the romantic village of Thierbach. The little Slow Train starts from here. The Schatzberg skiing area is 2 km away.