where delicious food is at home

Fine dining in the Wildschönau

Excellent regional dishes and culinary delights are as much a part of a holiday in the Wildschönau as homemade butter on bread. And the region in the Kitzbühel Alps has a whole selection of restaurants and specialities up its sleeve. You will find restaurants, mountain guesthouses and alpine huts serving delicious regional cheeses, fine schnapps, and tempting local dishes.
After a long day‘s walking through picturesque nature, an excellent meal is your just reward, and as regular guests know: The Wildschönau is the place to be when it comes to finding culinary treats. Let yourself be spoiled, enjoy the finest delicacies directly in and from the Tirolean high valley, in a magnificent ambience. Create your own beautiful holiday memories.

Tirolean Quality Award - for regional quality on your plate

An excellent restaurant combines good food with inimitable hospitality. Numerous local restaurants have been awarded the Tirolean Quality seal of approval, so that you can be sure that mainly regional ingredients are in use. Fresh local vegetables and finest dairy products can be enjoyed with a clear conscience, the highest of standards are guaranteed.

Our farm produce, your pleasure

Homemade tastes best. This also applies to the local dishes from the Wildschönau. Our farmers have been making traditional delicacies on their farms and alpine pastures since time immemorial. Taste Tirolean culinary delights directly from the farm - a unique offer.

Taste the Wildschönau

Treats to go in the Oberau farm shop

Did you know? In our Farm Shop in the centre of Oberau you can buy first-class farm products to take home. The selection is large, because the Oberau Farm Shop is supplied by numerous farmers from the region. Whether home-distilled schnapps, spicy cheese or delicate herbal salt - the choice is yours.

Wildschönau cheese specialities

Spicy, creamy and full of flavour - the finest cheese specialities are produced on the Schönanger Alm in Auffach and on the Holz Alm on the Markbachjoch mountain in Niederau. Try some of the delicious cheeses before you buy, either directly from the dairy or from the Farm Shop in Oberau.

Regional delicacies for everyone

You want to try the typical regional dishes of the Wildschönau? There’s a huge choice. In the Tirolean high valley, traditional cuisine is celebrated. Mainly local ingredients are used, such as ripe fruit and vegetables, fresh herbs or butter and cheese directly from the farmer. The result: hearty pretzel soup, fine cheese pastries and tasty Tirolean doughnuts - culinary highlights that the locals love.

Schnapps specialities & the regional art of distilling

Fruit schnapps and liqueurs made from raspberries, elderberries or cranberries are among the top specialities from the Tirolean high valley. Whether local brandies as a digestif after a meal or a welcome schnapps on the alpine pasture - schnapps distilling has a long tradition in the Wildschönau and products have an incomparable taste and the highest quality.
Our tip: Don’t forget to try the Wildschönau Krautinger schnapps made from white beet! The schnapps is unique throughout the country and is produced exclusively in the Tirolean high valley - a must for all gourmets! 

Our herb garden to enjoy

The local herbs give every dish that certain something and provide a tasty kick of freshness with every bite. But which herbs actually grow in the Tirolean high valley and how are they processed? You will get your answer at the Hintersalcherhof Farm in Auffach. More than 30 herbs grow here, which can be tasted during regular guided tours – a great combination of knowledge about the Wildschönau and special treats.

Interesting insights into the local herb garden

Brush up on plant knowledge on the Healing Herbs Theme Trail

The healing effects of herbs and plants are widely known, and herbs against all kinds of ailments also grow in the Wildschönau. What it’s all about? Find out on the Healing Herbs Theme Trail along the Auenweg. On the labelled boards along the picturesque hiking trail you will find interesting descriptions of plants including information about their efficacy.