one of Austria loveliest gorges

The Kundl Gorge in the Wildschönau

The Kundl Gorge is one of the most beautiful natural gorges in Austria and also the shortest connection between the Wildschönau and the Tirolean Inn Valley. The Wildschönauer river makes its way through the gorge. The cliffs soar to a height of 200 m and the steep rock faces are very impressive.
The rushing white water and the steeply towering rocks are a true nature experience!
The Kundl Gorge is open from 01.04.2024.

The Kundl Gorge walk

The starting point of the
Kundl Gorge walk is the  Mühltal Wildschönau. The hike first leads past meadows and forests to the beginning of the gorge section.

The gorge trail is 3.5 kilometres long and is ideal for all the family.  The route is also easy with prams and wheelchairs.
The Kundl Gorge is open from 01.04.2024.

Learn more about the Kundl Gorge

The Kundl Gorge is open from the beginning of April to mid November.

The Gorge is closed to the public in winter.

Biking is not allowed in the Kundl Gorge.