cross country ski trails

Cross country skiing in the Wildschönau

In the Wildschönau you will find perfectly groomed ski slopes as well as excellently groomed cross-country ski trails. Leisurely follow the course of the valley's beautiful cross-country trail, the Schönanger high track or enjoy the winter magic on the sunny Bernau plateau in Auffach!

The cross-country trails Roggenboden and Endfelden are suitable for skating too. 

Cross country tracks - status

Status Name Length Town
Schönangeralm 0 km Auffach
Loipe Auffach - Bernau 0 km Auffach
Loipe Niederau - Penningdörfl 0 km Niederau
Loipe Oberau - Endfelden 0 km Oberau
Loipe Oberau - Niederau 0 km Oberau
Loipe Roggenboden 0 km Oberau
Please note: Cross country ski rental is NOT included in the Wildschönau Card!
Once you've tried cross country skiing you won't want to miss it on your winter holiday.
Michael Mairhofer Cross country enthusiast