Wildschönau Valley Festival

Talfest Oberau

67th Wildschönau Valley Festival
08. - 11. August 2024 in Oberau at the festival ground Endfelden / Schneerose.

The Festival takes place annually and is held alternately in Oberau, Auffach and Niederau. The local brass bands organise the event and in 2024 it's the Oberauer´s turn.
It is the highlight of the summer festival season and one of the largest festivals in Tirol with a parade on the Sunday featuring all the local bands, guest bands, the Rifle Company and the Storm Troopers as well as dozens of decorated floats and wagons.
Please use the free shuttle bus between Niederau-Oberau-Auffach.

Date & time
Thu., 08/08/2024 Starts at: 20:00
Fri., 09/08/2024 Starts at: 20:00
Sat., 10/08/2024 Starts at: 19:00
Sun., 11/08/2024 Starts at: 11:00
Festplatz Endfelden / Schneerose Oberau
6311 Wildschönau - Oberau