Stollnhof Farm

Krautinger schnapps made by the Schöpfer family.

Stollnhof Krautinger | © Wildschönau Tourismus

The main ingredient of the famous Krautinger schnapps is the white beet. The schnapps is distilled exclusively in the Wildschönau.

Agnes & Josef Schöpfer from the Stollnhof Farm distill to the original recipe. The farmhouse was built in 1774. The distillery is in the Wash Hut and is over 100 years old.

Sales directly on the farm.
A tip from the Stollnhof: Krautinger is best drunk at the same temperature as red wine.

Opening hours
Josef und Agnes Schöpfer
Unterbergweg, Auffach 35
6313 Wildschönau