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Holiday Club for kids in the Wildschönau | Wildschönau Tourism
Dragon Club adventure week in the summer holidays

Holiday Club for kids in the Wildschönau

Fun and games and lots of nature in the Wildschönau summer Dragon Club for kids

Children can look forward to a great holiday program in the Wildschönau during the summer holidays. Every year we put together a bunch of new and exciting activities.

Kid's Dragon Club from 4.7. - 26.8.2022

In summer, our qualified supervisors, Alina, Julia and Sebastian organise a fun program for our smaller guests. We have a different mascot each year. This year it's Fichtenliesl - a cute pine tree will be joining in.

The weekly Dragon Club program in summer

Monday: Take a journey of discovery into the Dragon Valley
Our day starts in the forest, then we discover in the new Wildschönau Drachental Family Park. We can play on the Dragon Mountain, roll hand painted balls from the top of the Dragon Tower and make a stop at "Grisu" the Dragon Restaurant. Join in and spend an unforgettable day with us.

Costs: Ball € 2,  lunch € 4.50.
Please bring a towel and shorts for paddling in the lake.

Tuesday: Adventure day at the Foisching Deer Park
Join us on a trip to the Foisching Deer Park in Niederau, where we can watch the tame red deer herd. Alina also has lots of fun games ready for us there. We then stop off at the Foisching restaurant for refreshments and treat ourselves to an ice cream sundae.
Want to know more? Come along and see!

Costs: Ice cream sundae € 3.50, transfer € 3,00

Wednesday: Family Day to the Schönangeralm
We start our family day with a short hike to the Schönangeralm. While the parents take part in a guided tour of the show dairy followed by cheese tasting, the kids start their fun survival day! After lunch on the Schönangeralm, we walk to the Wildschönauer River where we build lots of stone towers and paint them with bright colours.

Costs: € 4 for the dairy tour, individual lunch.

Thursday: Desperately seeking Seppi!
Fichtenliesl is looking for missing Seppi the woodpecker. Put your detective skills to the test and help Fichtenliesl find Seppi. She's very worried but luckily there are lots of clues on the Thierbach Hilltop that will help us find him. Not an easy task. Every detective receives a small forest memory game as a reward. We then take the bus back to Oberau.

Costs: Transfer costs € 3,00

Friday: Treasure hunt in the Magic Forest
Our treasure hunt starts with a bus ride to Auffach. From there, the gondola takes us to the Schatzberg (treasure mountain). After a hearty lunch of sausages and fries at the Koglmoos restaurant, we start our treasure hunt in the magic forest. In the club room workshop we make our own souvenirs to take home so that we remember the fun we had in the Wildschönau Dragon Club.

Costs: € 5 for lunch, travel expenses € 3,00

In the Tourist Office or by phone on t: +43 5339 8255 or by email: by 4.30 pm the evening before (on Saturdays by 11.30 am)

Meeting point:
Monday: Meet at 9 am in the Dragon Club, pick up at 3 pm at the Drachental Family Park in Oberau
Tuesday: Meeting point at 9 am at the Dragon Club, pick up at 3 pm at the Dragon Club
Wednesday: Meeting point at 10 am at the car park at the Schönanger Alm, end at 3 pm.
Thursday: Meeting point at 9 am at the Dragon Club, pick up at 3 pm at the Dragon Club
Friday: Meeting point at 9 am at the Dragon Club, pick up at 3 pm at the Dragon Club

The Dragon Club is at the Tourist Office next to the open air pool in Hauserweg, Oberau 337, 6311 Wildschönau.

For children from 5 years of age and over.

Our guides speak German and English.

What to bring:

Good walking shoes, rainwear, hat, suncream, rucksack with plenty to drink and a snack, Wildschönau Card

The program takes place in all weathers, however in really bad weather the program will be shortened and will take place in the Club room.

The program is included in the Wildschönau Card. There will be a small charge for transportation and lunches where applicable. Changes to the program possible at short notice.


The mascot of the Tirolean Family Nest 2022 is Fichtenliesl

In an ancient forest full of firs, larches and pines stands a tall spruce with a dense treetop. It's name is Liesl, but everyone calls the old tree lady Fichtenliesl. It stands on a small hill from where it has the best view of the valley and river. When the sun is shining, it can also see the mighty surrounding mountains. It enjoys life in the forest with its siblings and friends. It especially likes the peace and quiet there.
Sometimes, especially in autumn, the Fichtenliesl is visited by squirrels and ravens, who rest briefly on it's branches. Deer and stags also like to scratch it's bark and tell it what's going on in the forest. The Fichtenliesl is always very happy to see it's visitors and their stories, but it also likes it when it's quiet again...