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Holiday Club for kids in the Wildschönau | Wildschönau Tourism

Dragon Club adventure week in the summer holidays

Holiday Club for kids in the Wildschönau

Build a shelter and cook over a camp fire like Robinson Crusoe. Fun and games in the heart of nature in the Dragon Club.

A treasure hunt, a day on an alm or a visit to a farm. The kid’s Dragon Club is open from Monday to Friday with lots of holiday highlights.

Children from 5 to 12 can take part in the activities; hiking, play and exciting adventures shared with new friends from different countries. Lous our Dragon leader is looking forward to meeting you.

The weekly Dragon Club program in Summer

Monday: Buggy ride to the to the Rothenau Farm
We take a buggy ride with horses Luna and Vanesco to the farm where we learn all about the farmer’s way of life. There are of course lots of animals on the farm just waiting to play, cows, ponies, dogs, cats, hens and ducks. At lunchtime we have a delicious farmer’s snack and afterward test our knowledge about farm animals in an exciting

Cost: Buggy ride and lunch € 8.

Tuesday: Treasure Hunt
We take the cable car to the Schatzberg Mountain (Treasure mountain) and search for the Dragon’s treasure trove. We have lunch together at the Koglmoos restaurant and afterwards go wild on the adventure playground.
Cost: Lunch € 4.50, Bummelbahn/bus € 3.50

Wednesday: Kid's Olympics on the Markbachjoch
We take the gondola to the top of the mountain where our Kid’s Olympic Games take place. In the Norderberg Alm Hut we are rewarded for our efforts with delicious “Kaiserschmarrn“.

Cost: Lunch €4.50, Bummelbahn/bus € 3.50

Thursday: Adventure in the Dragon Forest
First we have to take care of our supplies, so we bake our own bread with Julia in the old wood burning oven at the 200 year old Farming Museum. Afterwards we enter the Dragon Forest, build a shelter, and a dam with rocks and branches. We barbecue our sausages and marshmallows on the camp fire and pick up our loaves on the way home.

Cost: Bread baking €2, barbecue € 4

Friday: Wendolin Water Flea Goes Panning for Gold in the Wildschönau River Panning for gold in the Wildschönau River
This year’s mascot is Wendolin the Water Flea! He lives in a pond with all his mates. We take our fishing nets with us and examine Wendolin and his friends with a magnifying glass. Abracadabra! And Wendolin will show us where to find the precious hidden gold dust!

Cost: Gold € 1.50, Bummelbahn/bus € 3.50

25. June – 7. September 2018

In the Tourist Office or by phone on t: +43 5339 8255 by 5 pm the evening before (on Sundays and public holidays by 11.30 am)

Meeting point:
Monday to Friday 9 am in the Dragon Club at the Tourist Office in Oberau

Please pick up the children by 3 pm

What to bring:
Good walking shoes, rainwear, hat, suncream, rucksack with plenty to drink and a picnic, Wildschönau Card

The program takes place in all weathers, however in really bad weather the program will be shortened and will take place in the Club room.

For children from 5 years of age.

The program is free with the Wildschönau Card. There will be a small charge for transportation and lunches where applicable. Changes to the program possible at short notice.

For children with a Wildschönau Card the Club is FREE.
Small charges will be made where mentioned for transfers, lunch and some activities.

Changes may occur at short notice depending on the weather

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Tel.: +43 5339 8255