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Cheese, Schnapps and Tirolean Specialties

Farm produce from the Wildschönau in Tirol

Excellent farm produce directly from the farm. Many farms and pastures in the Wildschönau sell their high quality goods locally.

Tirolean Schnapps from the Wildschönau

There isn’t just Krautinger schnapps made in the Wildschönau. Fine liqueurs and schnapps made from fruit, berries or elderflower. The decisive factor is the quality of the fruit.
On the Zwecklhof Farm liqueurs and schnapps is distilled tot he highest quality with unsual tastes such as sloe plums, rowanberry or pear heart.

Tirolean cheeses from the Wildschönau Valley

2500 litres of milk is turned into the finest cheeses on the Schönanger Alm in Auffach daily.
Fine specialties such as mountain cheese, Emmentaler, Camembert, Tilsiter,  herb cheese and butter are produced by master cheesemaker Johann Schönauer, winner of numerous medals at the Cheese Olympics. Cheeses sold directly on the alm from May to October.

TIP: Guided tour of the dairy for groups.

The milk from 150 cows is used to produce the purest alpine milk drinks and cheeses on the Käse Alm in Niederau. Taste the season‘s cheeses at the pretty hut high above the village. An easy walking path leads you from the Markbachjoch to the pasture. The cheeses can be bought directly at the alm in summer or throughout the year in the Käsekeller in Niederau.

TIP: Guided tour of the Cheese Alm every Tuesday and Thursday. Children welcome.
Cheese sold directly from the alm or in the farm shops

Farm Shop in Oberau

The Bauernladl in Oberau has a huge selection of delicious farm products. Local farmers from the Wildschönau supply the shop regularly.
Schnapps, liqueurs, cheeses, smoked meats, herbal salt, pickles, jams and many more top quality treats are on sale in the centrally located shop.
Every Thursday in the summer at the craft fair in the Z’bach Farming Museum there are stalls selling alm cheeses and schnapps.

TIP: A care package from the Bauernladl makes a lovely gift or souvenir. Take a taste of the Wildschönau home with you.