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Krautinger distillers

Stödlerhof Farm

The Thaler Family, Stödlerhof Farm, Oberau

Roggenboden, Oberau 212
6311 Wildschönau
Tel.: +43 5339 8791
Tel.: +43 664 734 71312

The main ingredient of the famous Krautinger schnapps is the white beet. The schnapps is distilled exclusively in the Wildschönau.

Gebhard & Elisabeth Thaler / Stödlerhof Farm distill small amounts of schnapps once a year in autumn since 2000.

Seed is cultivated on the farm and only white beet is used as this is milder.
The secret of a good Krautinger lies in the "Abhappeln" (a clean separation of the beet from the stalk)
Sales directly on the farm.

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