Kundl George | George walks in the Wildschönau | Austria
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Kundl George | George walks in the Wildschönau | Austria
Walking through Austria’s natural ravines

The Kundl Gorge in Wildschönau Tirol

The natural Kundler Klamm is one of the most beautiful gorges in Austria and connects the Wildschönau Valley with the village of Kundl in the Inn Valley. Open from 1.April to mid-November.

The Kundl Gorge

The Kundl Gorge is one of the the most beautiful in Austria and the shortest route between Kundl and the Wildschönau Valley. The Wildschönau river runs through it to the river Inn.

The start of the Kundl Gorge walk is in Mühltal, Wildschönau. The path leads past lush meadows and through the woods to the beginning of the gorge itself. The steep cliffs soaring to 200 metres high and the wild, white water leave a lasting impression. The gorge walk is 3.5 km long and suitable for young and old.

The walk can be shortened by taking a trip on the Wildschönau Bummelzug from Mühltal which ambles along at a sedate pace to the start of the gorge.

The Kundl Gorge is pure relaxation for the whole family. Playing in the stone ponds, skimming stones or just messing about on the riverbank. An ideal place to cool off on a hot summer’s day.

The gorge is also accessible from the Kundl side, part of  the Alpbachtal Seenland region. The walks starts in Kundl at Sandbichler’s Stone Cutters.

Please note: Cycling in the gorge is forbidden!
The Gorge is open from 01. April 2022

The dragon is part of Wildschönau’s coat of arms and our mascot. According to legend, the Wildschönau area was once a great lake from where a powerful dragon terrorised the local peasants.

A peasant tricked the dragon and fatally wounded it. In it’s death throes the monster bit a ravine through the cliffs through which the lake drained into the Inn Valley, thus forming the Kundl Gorge. Do you think this fearful dragon really existed? Find out more in the Wildschönau Dragon Club.


Route planner

  Further rest stops at the start of the gorge.