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Glantersberg Tour

This amazing tour leads you to one of Tyrol's natural jewels, the idyllic Kelchsau
  • Mountain Biking & Cycling
  • moderate
  • 14.9 km
  • 1.5 h
  • 340m
  • 340m
We start this pleasant bike tour at the bike start area at the free Wasserfeld car park P3 (after the railway underpass towards Kelchsau, turn right after the bridge).
From the car park, we turn right onto the main road to Kelchsau. After about 400 metres, we already leave the road again and turn left over a bridge into the Elsbethen settlement. We follow the signs through the settlement past numerous residential buildings to the Glantersberg / Gruberberg junction.
At the crossroads,we  turn right onto the road to Glantersberg. This somewhat steeper path runs along a refreshing, clear stream. After the first small housing estate on the Glantersberg, we are surrounded by beautiful meadows and forests. From here, the cycling continues very pleasantly until a final, steeper climb shortly before we reach the village of Kelchsau. In Kelchsau, a small holiday resort in a side valley of Hopfgarten im Brixental, a picture-book idyll awaits is - beautiful old houses, deep green forests, an untouched mountain area and babbling mountain streams.
Along the Kelchsauer Ache river, the route now leads gently downhill and out of the valley back to Hopfgarten. Shortly before we get there, however, we will pass the Salvenaland leisure park where the bathing lake invites us to take a dip in the cool water against a fantastic natural backdrop.
  • Round trip
  • Valley start
Highest point 964m
Starting point P3 Wasserfeld car park, Hopfgarten
End P3 Wasserfeld car park, Hopfgarten