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Wildschönau Fables | Wildschönau Tourism
Fairytale Valley

Wildschönau Fables

The Wildschönau is a valley steeped in legend. The students of the Wildschönau High School have rewritten and illustrated 20 of the best-loved local legends. Read more here...

The ancient legends tell tales of dragons, giants, devils and ghouls. Many are creepy and some have a happy ending. Read the local legends here...
When you are out and about locally look out for the large Fabulous Wildschönau signs which indicate the places where the stories originated.


About the Project

The Wildschönau Legend Project with the local High School and the Wildschönau Tourist Board has been a huge success.
A huge compliment goes to project leader, art teacher Anton Silberberger as well as headmaster Paul Schneeberger for their ideas.
The "Art Benches" another project whereby the students created 5 colourfully decorated benches, was led by art teacher Stefanie Luchner. These seats are very popular with guests of the local Wildschönau open air pool!.

The fascinating Wildschönau Legends can be read in the booklet Fabulous Wildschönau available in the Wildschönau Tourist Office for € 2.
An ideal souvenir.