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Attractions Drachental Family Park Wildschönau | Wildschönau Tourism
Drachental Family Park – The planned attractions

Attractions Drachental Family Park Wildschönau

Wildschönau’s new year-round attraction Alpine Coaster, play pond, climbing boulders, ice rink and much more: Great things are afoot in the Drachental Family Park in the Wildschönau.

The main event - the Alpine Coaster

The main attraction is an Alpine Coaster, a spectacular 2 km track that is open all year round. The cars are winched up from the start and then the spectacular route with curves, arches and jumps fires you back down to the valley. The Coaster is equipped with the latest safety standards and is the most modern Alpine Coaster on the market.


In summer the list gets considerably longer with a play pond, adventure playground, bag-jump, motor skills course & climbing boulders, 4D cinema, a Flying Dragon, white water trail, bike trail, kart track and a pump trail, making the Wildschönau Valley an exciting prospect in summer for families from near and far.

The park will keep on growing, adding new attractions as time goes on.


An artificial ice and curling rink is planned for the winter. It is our intention that the park draws families in winter too. The Schießhüttel drag liftS will remain in operation and a conveyor lift will be added. One or two adventure slopes will add to the fun in the snow.

Play pond with a few extras

For the summer months a play pond game will be created. A range of games and activities will be on offer, as well as a relaxation areas. Among other things, rope-guided play rafts, free floating wooden rafts, balancing stones, tree trunks, wobble platforms and a wobbly bridge to a play island will encourage children and young people to train their motor skills.

Water game track with interactive stations

A water path with interactive play stations will also be created based on the Wildschönau Dragon theme. The dragon is the heraldic animal of the Wildschönau Valley and, according to the legend, created the nearby Kundl Gorge. In this way, the topics of water and dragons can be authentically translated into interactive play stations in an instructive way.

And there is more to discover

An adventure playground, a motor skills course with 10 stations of various levels of difficulty, climbing rocks, ball tracks from the centrally positioned 7 m high Dragon, a children's playground, trampolines and a Jump Bag tower at 1m, 3m and 5m heights. Other summer attractions in the park include various mountain bike trails for children as well as a kart track and a tubing track, which can be reached by means of a conveyor lift.


In the middle of the park a cafe with a large terrace is planned, where guests can watch everything that is going on in the Family Park, thus creating a leisure park for the whole family in the Wildschönau, right in the center of Oberau. We offer hours of fun and excitement for guests and locals alike.
We are sure that the park will be a popular attraction throughout Tirol and Bavaria. The park will constantly be updated and will be the location for many wonderful events in the years to come.

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